In recent years, as modern people operate their mobile phones for a long time and often stare at the screen at close range, many young people have also experienced the symptoms of “presbyopia”.

Symptoms of “smartphone presbyopia”

  • Eyes get tired easily
  • Every day at dusk, the vision will become blurred
  • The screen of the smartphone becomes blurred, and the content cannot be seen clearly

Therefore, SEED has observed the need to develop and sell contact lenses to assist near vision.
Compared with watching distant things, in recent years there are more opportunities to stare at near and middle distance things.Are there any contact lenses that can correspond to this modern lifestyle?

Deliver Japan Quality

Benefit of 1 box 32 pieces

Easy to understand front and back lens marks

Easy to handle without care


Target User

Modern people operate mobile phones and computers for long periods of time, often staring at the screen at close range. In response to this habit, SEED 1dayPure moisture FLEX is suitable for users of all ages


Lens Design


“SEED 1dayPure moisture Flex” adopts the original “Flex Focus Design”.
Taking into account the lifestyle of modern people and the habit of using smartphones or computers to look up close, the “Flex zone” is evenly arranged around the lens, and a “variable parameter design※” is used to create a comfortable wearing feeling.

※In terms of lens design, control the thickness and curvature of each lens power, and create a thinner bevel.

This design can assist the user to see things close by, and bring the user a clear, natural vision like a single focus lens.

Regardless of age, When you see near. Even without consciousness, It's under stress!

Before you even noticed, You may be stressing your eyes, when viewing near our eye ciliary muscle adjust to focus by thickening the crystalline lens.

Its time to choose a contact lens according to the changing lifestyle

High Moisture Retention

■Natural Polymer “Alginic Acid”
Contact lens storage solution is infused with alginic acid which is a natural moisturizing agent extracted from seaweed. It attracts moisture in eyes, and keeps tears on the surface of the lenses.

■Zwitterionic material “SIB”
SEED’s original material “SIB” (SEED Ionic Bond) which contains both positive and negative ions resulting in electrical stability. This stability ensures high water content while keeping out dust and impurities.

Lens Marking


“1PureF” mark is printed to help users distinguish between the inside and outside faces of the lens,  marking can be found on every lens to ensure the easy handling and safe usage of lens.

32 Lenses in One box


SEED 1dayPure moisture series has 32 pieces of lenses in one box. Even with the extra 2 pieces of lenses, SEED’s packaging is just as compact as other boxes containing 30 pieces of lenses.

User Friendly Design


For ease of usage, SEED has introduced the following designs for the convenience of its patients. Our Cross Unit Cases allow capsules for the left and right lenses to be joined together for easier packaging.


The wearer can open the package easily and close it at the touch of a finger. This eliminates the need for hand contact and is a more hygienic way of handling the box.

High Quality Manufacturing in Japan


All the manufacturing processes of SEED Pure series are strictly managed at SEED Kounosu laboratory. Great care is taken in producing each pair of SEED contact lenses at the manufacturing plant in order to ensure the utmost safety of human eyes. SEED takes its environmental responsibility seriously and ensures its facilities are eco-friendly.


To ensure the quality of the product, we are shipping only strictly selected products under a strict quality management system and thorough inspection.

Furthermore, using two-dimensional code and ID tag, we are implementing integrated management of production and distribution. It also enables all of the lenses to be traceable.

In addition, we have obtained the certification of ISO13485, which is the international standard of quality management systems for medical devices. This has further strengthened our quality control system.

Acquired ISO13485 certification in 2011 at Clinical Affairs Department &  Device Developments Department Kounosu Laboratory

Product Outline

Modality Daily disposable contact lens
FDA Group Group IV
Lens Material 2-HEMA, cationic and anionic monomer, MMA, EGDMA
Handling Tint Blue
UV Absorber Benzotriazole
Water Content 58%
Refractive Index 1.406
Luminous Transmittance 0.98
Oxygen Permeability (Dk) 30.0×10-11(cm2/sec) ● (mLO2/(mL×mmHg))
Oxygen Transmittance (Dk/L) 42.9×10-9(cm/sec) ● (mLO2/(mL×mmHg)) (at-3.00D)
Base Curve 8.80mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Center Thickness 0.07mm @ (-3.00D)
Lens Marking Printed on two sides as “1PureF” and “880”
Power Range ±0.00D ~ -6.00D (0.25D steps)
-6.50D ~ -8.00D (0.50D steps)
Addition Power + 0.50D
Volume Per Box 32 lenses in one box
MDA Registration No GB527001301819