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Rich make

Supports clear vision for all fashionable women


Target Users

Suitable for

  • Ladies who have a passion for eye make-up
  • Ladies who have astigmatism > -1.25D and are not satisfied with the current color contact lens.


Natural Moisturizing agent

Moisture for your eyes

“Alganic Acid”, which has been formulated into  “SEED Eye coffret M Toric” material, is a natural moisturizing agent that can be extracted from seaweed, e.g. kelp or wakame seaweed.

It attracts moisture in our eyes and keeps tears on the surface of the lenses.

Daily Disposable Modality


Skip the hassle of cleaning your lenses. Wear a fresh, clean pair of lenses everyday and reduce the risk of getting infection

Lens Design

Double slab-off and Back Toric Design

Good astigmatism correction power and comfortable wearing feeling can be expected by combining materials and designs that maximise the features of each

“Double slab-off Design”
Both upper and lower portion of the lens is made thin. This improves lens stability and ease of fit.

“Back Toric Design”
Toric design is on the back surface of the lens. This maximises the effect of astigmatism correction.


The lens is ultra-thin with a center thickness of 0.06mm (For Sphere -3.00D and Cylinder -0.75D)


SEED’s original Smooth Edge design improves lens comfort by creating a smooth edge at the peripherally of the lens.

Containing UV Absorber


” SEED Eye coffret 1day  UV M TORIC ” contains a UV absorbent that can shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. This help slows down or reduces the risk of developing eye diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis.

*contact lenses with UV absorber do not block 100% of UV light and does not cover the entire eyes. Hence, they are not substitutes for UV absorbing eyewear.

Coloration Mechanism

Prevents Eyes from Contacting with the pigment

This series adopts a structure that encapsulates the pigments inside the lens so that it prevents eyes from contacting with the pigment.

This design minimizes the impact on the cornea.

Deposit Resistance


Non-ionic lens material does not attract deposit easily.

Product Outline

Lens Color Guide Mark
There are guide marks on the lens at 3 and 9 o’clock position
*Image for demonstration only. The color of the guide mark doesn’t become light.
 Rich make
Modality Daily disposable color contact lens
FDA Group Group I
Lens Material 2-HEMA, EGDMA, Non-Ionic, Low Water Content Lens
UV Absorber Benzotriazole
Water Content 38%
Refractive Index 1.434
Luminous Transmittance 99%
Oxygen Permeability (Dk) 12×10-11(cm2/sec) ● (mLO2/(mL×mmHg))
Oxygen Transmittance (Dk/L) 24×10-9(cm/sec) ● (mLO2/(mL×mmHg))
Base Curve 8.60mm
Diameter 14.0mm
Center Thickness 0.06mm @ -3.00D (varies with power)
Power Range ±0.00D, -0.50D ~ -6.00D (0.25D step)
-6.50D ~ -8.00D (0.50D step)
Cylindrical Power Cyl is -0.75D  and  -1.25D
Cylindrical Axis 180°
Volume Per Box 10 lenses in one box /  30 lenses in one box
MDA Registration No GB741282046566