SEED 1dayPure moisture has been well-received for its good quality as well as its natural moisturizing agent and 2 extra pieces of lenses since its launch in the market. We are proud to present to you SEED 1dayPure moisture for Astigmatism. By expanding the category of our "Pure Series" lenses, we hope to benefit our contact lens wearers with more choices.


Are you suffering from Astigmatism?

  • Text on the computer monitor or newspaper is blurred
  • Numbers on the clock are blurred
  • Image becomes blurred when dark
  • It is hard to differentiate number and text

Zwitterionic Material "SIB"

"SIB" stands for SEED Ionic Bond, and ensures biocompatibility. Every pair of SEED PURE series contact lenses is made from original "SIB" material. It contains both positive and negative ions, resulting in electrical stability. This stability keeps out dust and impurities, while ensuring high water content.

Zwitterionic material, "SIB" is an original hybrid material of SEED. It has the advantages of both non ionic low water content lenses, which are highly resistant to deposits and stable to the environment, and high water content lenses, which allows for a high level of oxygen permeability.

Lens Design

SEED's unique "Dynamic Prism Ballast" design constitutes three designs, namely, the "Upper Portion Slab-off", Prism Ballast Design and "Adjustable Parametric Design".

* Alginic Acid: Natural moisturising ingredient extracted from seaweed and kelp.

Good Deposit Resistance

Although zwitterionic material "SIB" is ionic and has high water content, it has the advantage of keeping away the proteins, which cause deposits.

Schematic Diagram of Deposits Resistance

Conventional ionic lens

The cross section of the lens

The negative ions in the material strongly repel each other, hence making the lens surface negatively charged. Therefore, it attracts the positively charged deposits, e.g. proteins.

Zwitterionic material "SIB"

The cross section of the lens

There are equimolar amounts of positive and negative ions in the material. Thus, there is no deviation of charge on the lens surface. Therefore, it doesn’t attract positively charged deposits e.g. proteins.

Containing UV Absorber

SEED 1dayPure moisture for Astigmatism contains UV absorber.

Contact lens with UV absorber significantly reduces absorption of UV rays.

High Moisture Retention

In addition to its strong ability to attract and retain moisture, the zwitterionic material "SIB" also has two types of moisturising ingredients, alginic acid and non-ionic surfactant. With the ability to retain moisture, it is highly recommended for wearers who experience dryness in their eyes during the evening.

Schematic Diagram of Deposits Resistance

Surface acting agent attracts moisture and prevents adhesion of deposits.
Natural moisturising ingredient extracted from seaweed and kelp. It attracts moisture and keeps tears in the lens surface at the same time.

Product Outline

ModalityDaily disposable contact lens
FDA GroupGroup IV
Lens Material2-HEMA, cationic and anionic monomer, MMA, EGDMA
Lens ColorBlue
UV AbsorptionBenzotriazole
Water Content58%
Refractive Index1.406
Luminous Transmittance98%
Oxygen Permeability30.0×10-11(cm2/sec) ● (mLO2/(mL×mmHg))
Oxygen Transmittance27.3×10-9(cm2/sec) ● (mLO2/(mL×mmHg)) (S-3.00D/C-1.25D)
Base Curve8.80mm
Center Thickness0.11mm (S-3.00D/C-1.25D)
Addition Power-
Lens MarkingPrinted as "PA"
Spherical Power+2.00 ~ +0.25 (0.25D step) ※
-0.25D ~ -6.00D (0.25D step)
-6.50D ~ -10.00D (0.50D step)
※ 90° · 180° only
Cylindrical Power-0.75D, -1.25D, -1.75D ※
※ 180°
The Cylindrical Axis Degree20°, 90°, 160°, 180°
Volume Per Box32 lenses