Monthly Disposable Soft Contact Lens.

Easy to exchange for one month cycle & Cost Saving

In addition, because of the one-month cycle, it is easy to replace and cost saving. It is also recommended for the first-time wearer those with cost saving consciousness to use a soft contact lens.


Peace of mind to the pupil in the UV cut

SEED Monthly Fine UV is a monthly disposable contact lenses with UV cut that protect our eye from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Comfortable wearing feel a thin edge

Since the smooth finish of the peripheral portion of the lens by the SEED of its own "Smooth Edge Design", it is a natural wearing comfort.

Moisture Retention

SEED Monthly Fine UV is assumed to prevent evaporation of water more effectively for those who are worried about dryness.

Durable "non-ionic low water" material adoption

It uses an unique lens design of non-ionic low water material "Polymacon", which keeps out dirt & impurities. This increase the wearing comfort of SEED Monthly Fine UV contact lenses.

Good Deposit Resistance

SEED Monthly Fine UV is a contact lens that is suitable for those who concern about contamination, it has advantages of keeping away dirt such as proteins and lipids that are included in the tears which cause deposit formation.

Suitable for sports and strenuous exercise

SEED Monthly Fine UV is suitable for those who play sports or strenuous exercise. It is also recommended at the time of sport since there is no such as cloudiness caused by perspiration.

Product Outline

ModalityMonthly disposable contact lens
Water Content38%
Base Curve8.80mm
Center Thickness0.08mm @ (-3.00D)
Power Range-0.25D ~ -6.00D (0.25D step)
-6.50D ~ -8.00D (0.50D step)
Volume Per Box3 lenses