Product NameDescription
(Soft Contact Lens Insert & Removing Tools)
"meruru" is product for inserting and removing soft contact lenses was developed over a period of 3 years with the cooperation of medical institution.
With focus on simplifying the task of inserting and removing contact lenses, meruru can be used to more comfortably insert or remove contact lenses compared to the same tasks using a finger. Also, because the finger never directly touches the contact lens when inserting or removing the lens, the insertion and removal processes can be completed with a higher level of cleanliness. We recommend meruru to anyone who's ever had difficulties using a finger to insert or remove a contact lens.

SEED CONTACT LENS CERAMIC CASE For contact lens preparation
SEED RGP Contact Lens Case Special Design for Hard RGP Contact Lens
• Effective Protection RGP Contact Lens
• Lightweight design,Easy to Carry
SUCTION HOLDER WITH CASESEED Suction Holder for Contact Lens

These are useful little things that can be a real help when wearing your contact lenses. These are easy to use. Just simply put your lens on the end of the inserter and insert the lens into your eye.
SEED CONTACT LENS SAFETY CATCHThe Contact Lens Safety Catch , it is way to prevent the loss of contact lenses and other small items down the drain
Oval shape fits over most sink, tub, or shower drains
Color: White