Canine Contact Lenses to Protect the Eye

Unlike their human friends, dogs aren’t usually prescribed contacts to correct vision — though they can have that benefit.

“Contact lenses are often used as a bandage for dogs that have slow-healing ulcers,” according to Dr. Olivero. Corneal ulcers are open sores on the clear outer surface of the eye. Because the cornea contains numerous nerve endings, ulcers can be extremely painful. Often, ulcers can take weeks to heal, and if left untreated, they can become infected or lead to a perforation, which requires surgical repair.

That’s where a contact lens made specifically for dogs comes in. “The lens provides comfort, keeps the lids from rubbing over the open area and may help hold water-soluble antibiotic eye drops over the ulcerated area,” says Dr. Olivero. The lenses don’t include power correction so they have no impact on vision.

There are a few cases, however, where contact lenses may be used to correct vision. For example, some dogs with cataracts may be unable to have a lens implant due to genetics or other eye conditions. Although cataract removal offers better vision than blindness, “studies show that dogs with no lenses are farsighted and have relatively poor near vision,” says Dr. Olivero. While most dogs can learn to adjust for the farsightedness, in select cases, a contact lens may provide some vision correction.

Structure of dog's eyes

Dogs have special membranes called shinkaku (third shimax eyelid), which act as wipers, such as protecting the eyeballs from foreign matter and filling the eyeballs with tears

  • Eyeball is flattened compared to people
  • The refractive index of the crystalline lens is about + 40.0 D (about twice as high as that of humans)
  • There is a reflective film (layer) called a tapetum layer in the middle of the choroid upper part,
 from reflecting slight light to the optic nerve, in the dark. But you can distinguish the outline of the object. 
Siberian Husky etc. Blue type dogs are the tapetum layer,
 some dogs do not have.

Corresponding case

Corneal erosion

  • Relaxation of corneal disorder by ectopic eyelashes
  Corneal protection
  • Relaxation of corneal injury due to foreign matter and corneal protection
  • Relaxation of corneal disorder due to contact of hair
 Corneal protection
  • Alleviation of corneal disorder due to eyelid varus disease
  • Corneal protection

Corneal ulcer

  • Relaxation of corneal disorder due to corneal epithelial damage
  • Relaxation of corneal disorder due to corneal epithelial detachment
  • Relaxation of corneal disorder due to corneal ulcer
  • Corneal disorder due to Desme’s aneurysm less than 3 mm
  • Surgical therapy for keratoconjunctival disease or
 relaxation of corneal disorder after medical treatment therapy
  • Corneal protection

SEED Dog Contact Lens

Dog breed BC DIA
Shih Tzu, Miniature Dachshund 8.90㎜ 16.0㎜
(Chihuahua) (Toy Poodle)
Labrador retriever 9.30㎜ 16.0㎜
Shiba Inu 8.60㎜ 14.5㎜

* The same “SIB material” as PURE series
* 3 pieces in one box
* Homepage:

Dog contact is a treatment vintage contact lens for the purpose of corneal protection

(It is not for vision correction.)